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“Before starting this journey very similarly to what you wrote, I was incredibly self conscious about my body. Whether it be dimples, acne, or tummy fat, there was always something negative I was picking out about myself. Working with you and these girls has allowed me to embrace myself for who I am. I get ready for a date and I see all the beauty in myself that other people were always trying so hard to point out and make me believe. There’s a new found confidence in myself and my body image, but I also have the tools to combat the negative thoughts on bad body imagine days- because let’s be honest we all still have them. There’s a mindset change here that has been incredible. From worrying about what to wear/cover up on a date to buying a crop top and skinny jeans and rocking the hell out of it on a first date, and being confident as hell- even if my tummy is exposed. It’s embracing my curves and the beautiful strong body I have and have worked so hard for and knowing that no date or person is ever going to change the confidence and self love I’ve gained”