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“Working with Kaylin and becoming a part of The Inner Initiative has been and continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I joined because I was having trouble staying in shape physically and wanted to make a change. I was an athlete throughout high school and in college I simply didn’t prioritize my health. I was used to being able to live my life and rely on my sports to keep me disciplined and in shape. During college I maintained myself but I was living a sedentary life. That sedentary life carried over into life after college and where I was not as active walking everywhere I was feeling the impact of not making myself a priority.

Since I have joined Kaylin has pushed me to be the best version of myself and not give up. She has been not only a coach but a friend, someone who has checked in on me and helped me through MANY mental barriers that I didn’t even know I had before this program. She has done amazing catering to my personality and needs and I truly feel she knows me. She knows how to push me and encourage me in a way that doesn’t cause me to shut down and doesn’t make me feel like I am not succeeding. She takes what I would have before considered a “bad week” or a “failure” and she turns it into a stepping stone to attain the goals. I have changed my entire lifestyle but at a pace that works for me and at a pace that is sustainable. She has given me tips and tools to continue living a healthy lifestyle without crazy restrictions and prioritize myself. I would recommend working with her to anyone because she truly does care about her clients and caters specifically to them, their needs, their personalities and their goals.”