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“Honestly life changing. In the beginning every change felt so hard and tracking felt like a chore. And now tracking just makes me feel in control of things. I’m not afraid of food anymore because I get to choose what i eat and no food is off limits! The old me was scared of food because I never thought I could say no and felt like it controlled me. Months went by and I hadnt lost weight and it was discouraging. But having the support and guidance of Kaylin was so helpful to remind me of the physical AND mental progress I made even though the scale said otherwise. I used to just say fuck it, the scale isnt moving its not worth it. But now look at me. We took the time to fix underlying issues so I was able to lose the weight and after being in a very tough spot at the start of the year and the encouragement this team gave me was amazing. I cant even put it to words tbh”