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“From dieting for years, eating low calories, doing extra cardio to never seeing the results I wanted, I knew I had to make a change in my life. I took a risk with the Inner Initiative not knowing what the results were going to end up like or having any expectations but I decided I had tried all the things before hand so why not try something else. It has honestly been the most rewarding, comforting, and best decision of my life. I have not only grown physically but mentally with maneuvering all aspects of life. There‚Äôs always room for improvements but Kaylin has taught me that things happen and to always try to be 1% better. Having Kaylin as a coach has been an amazing experience that I needed to get back on track for a healthier and sustainable life. She has helped me, guided me, motivated me, gave me the tough love I needed at times, has supported me, listened to me vent, and was always there when I needed her. I feel my healthiest and strongest I have ever been and this program has taught me that all small habits moving forward make a big difference and to continue working for what you want. I will forever be grateful for all the knowledge I have been given and will continue making myself a priority!”