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Why I brought the Inner Initiative to life.

Why I brought The Inner Initiative to life

Throughout my tenure in the health and fitness industry over the past 6 years I worked as a nutritionist, a health and wellness marketer and manager of a fitness studio. I saw that there was a lack of customization for the individual on their personal journeys. Programs, diets, supplements, cleanses, workshops; you name it – all vaguely formulated to get you “motivated” with something new but nothing further than that – sending endless amounts of women over the years to be a part of a dieting statistic who never achieved the goals they dreamed of. OVER IT.


I created The Inner Initiative as a lifestyle coaching company with a specialized, high-touch and sustainable method to help connect women with proper education and a killer community of like-minded women on their fitness journeys. To help them no longer try to force themselves in the box they’ve been placed in for years; but for them to understand how to find and achieve their own. Your version of “fit”, “sustainable”, and “achievable” looks different than anyone else so the method you use to get there should also.


Whether you’re looking for fitness coaching, nutrition and macro coaching, or health and wellness coaching – The Inner Initiative has you covered. For more insight on exactly what we do check out our “HOW IT WORKS” and “Client Transformations” page, or read through our “FAQ’s” and “Free Content” to help educate yourself further!