“From dieting for years, eating low calories, doing extra cardio to never seeing the results I wanted, I knew I had to make a change in my life. I took a risk with the Inner Initiative not knowing what the results were going to end up like or having any expectations but I decided I […]


“During the time Summer worked with Kaylin she lost over 55lbs, started powerlifting (hitting over 350lbs on deadlift!!) and learning what it really meant to put herself first in her life. Summer said “Realistically when I started I was overweight, had health issues and was self conscious in my body. Now I can confidently say […]


“one year ago I tried on this bathing suit after saying yes to hiring you as my coach. I knew it was going to be a before picture & that I was so ready but WHO KNEW that an entire year of working my butt off & fueling my body would lead me to a […]


“TII is a team built of like minded women to support and empower each other to become the best versions of themselves. There is more to gain from this commitment than just physical changes; emotional and mental changes are just as important. Restricting one’s mind is hard, but with a good coach and team support […]


“TII has taught me so freaking much about myself! The vibe that Kaylin radiates just makes you always want to push to be better! She is like a big sister that gives you tough love when needed but she ultimately just wants you to be better for yourself!! She works with you to get to […]


“Working with Kaylin and becoming a part of The Inner Initiative has been and continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I joined because I was having trouble staying in shape physically and wanted to make a change. I was an athlete throughout high school and in college I simply […]


“Working with Kaylin was one of the best decisions I made in my fitness journey. Prior to working with her, I struggled with over-training and under-eating. I now have the confidence to know what’s needed to fuel my body (and mind) and be successful in my training. Kaylin also played a role in helping me […]


3 month progress : “Working with Kaylin and the Inner Initiative has been AMAZING! I have never felt stronger and more on track with my nutrition. I went through a crazy rough patch for a few weeks. Because of the support and accountability from Kaylin and the group, I did not give up! I am […]


“Katie was a client with Kaylin for over a year and was able to gain control of her fitness journey back despite her panhypopituitary condition. Finding her love for fitness again, going for half marathons, dozen mile hikes and more. Here’s what she said when graduation: “ I just wanted to say thank you to […]


“Honestly life changing. In the beginning every change felt so hard and tracking felt like a chore. And now tracking just makes me feel in control of things. I’m not afraid of food anymore because I get to choose what i eat and no food is off limits! The old me was scared of food […]